My passion for photography was born in my passion for fly fishing. I once did not believe that I could be so totally immersed in anything as much as I was in fly fishing. However, a few years later, I found that my passion for photography was overshadowing my deep love of fly fishing. Fortunately, both passions are enhanced and inspired by the place that I live. For 30 years I have wandered the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, southwest Montana, and wild places throughout the West, in search of fantastic outdoor experiences. I feel a sense of place and belonging when I am surrounded by nature, and it is that sense of connection I try to establish in the moments I create with my photographic images. To make this happen, I often work on my photographs after I have shot the initial image – combining what I have captured outdoors with my camera, with the careful and artful application of digital rendering in my studio. I draw upon my memory of the emotional impact of the moment, and infuse the image with Nature’s inspiration.

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