Good Morning Yellowstone

28 degrees this morning, lets go fishing! Summer in Yellowstone country can bring sub freezing temperatures any month of the year.  This type of weather however keeps things green longer, and the fish don't mind at all.

Below the Barns, YNP

Two of the big three rivers in the greater Yellowstone area are fishing very well right now, with both the Madison and the Henry's Fork providing steady opportunities at good fish. A few of the big bugs (salmonflies have been seen down by Ennis), the colder weather might stall their upstream progression a little, but caddis are everywhere and some PMD's as well to keep the fish interested on the 50 mile riffle! 

The Henry's Fork is pumping out the bugs riverwide. Pick a stretch and have fun. I love it all, and it is hard to be a cloudy day in June on the Fork