The List of Shame

The roof of the car is NOT a place to temporarily store items as you derig to get in the car. The list of items that I have left on toip  of the subaru grows longer every year. So far in 2013 I have added two items to the growing list of things not to put on top of the car. So in Romney fashion I offer this list to you of things not to put on top of a subaru or any other vehicle just before setting that said vehicle in motion.

iPad of shame-still works although the swipe feature is a little rough !

iPad of shame-still works although the swipe feature is a little rough !

New in 2013: iPad2-see picture

New in 2013: camera remote-busted completely at 65 , cheap china plastic!

Vehicle registration on a clipboard-recovered w/o incedent (not counting the stress and the fuel to drive back to VC)

Lamson Reel: inexplicably still on roof after 56 miles of gravel road, 70mph on highway, and over 100 total miles. Gotta love the roof rack on a Subaru!

Lamson Reel: never to be found, second time not so inexplicably!!!

Sage Rod and Reel: found along roadside totally intact. Have to admit this was a client not me, but still it was my car, so I will claim the shame!

Wallet: Bugger of a time trying to get all the credit cards, licenses and other things found in wallets re-issued. Cannot remember if I had any cash in it, but knowing me, probably not.

Clients Wallet: Once again survived a trip from Palisades on the Madison back to Kirkwood resort doing 60 or 70mph the whole way. I will claim the shame once again, but at least the wallet was still on top of the car after its joyride.

And of course the greatest lost item on top of the car was when I was young and as a family we lost our canoe, and stared in the rearview mirror in horror as it bounced down Interstate 15 in Utah, so at least I come upon in from good genes!

So far Midnight rides inside !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!