photography landscapes west rowan nyman


My passion for photography began 20 years ago with a used camera and a couple of friends who are photographers. My friends asked me to pose for their fishing photos, and upon viewing the resulting images I was inspired to pick up an old Canon AE1 my sister had given me, and I started recording interesting things I encountered on film. After spending years dumping batches of slides into the garbage, I picked up a digital camera and started discovering numerous ways to photographically capture and digitally create images that more accurately reflected the moments I was experiencing. I am always amazed by how the natural world defines no one, judges nothing, and remains neutral in the chaos that surrounds it, while it humbly requires everything and everyone to play a role and just be. This is especially noticeable in the vast spaces of the American West - in moments where you are completely surrounded by the elemental forces of nature, and at one with that.

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