#29 of 100 Days of Yellowstone-Rainy

August started soggy and it ended soggy. I cannot remember ever having this month be so wet in Yellowstone country. All the rain made for some interesting fishing this past month. I am hoping for a long Fall!

#27 of 100 Days of Yellowstone-Soggy August

It has been a very wet August! I cannot remember and August that has had so much precipitation from stalled out storm fronts. Yesterday we had snow on some of the peaks surrounding Yellowstone country. I am hoping this a prelude to a long and intense Indian Summer, but it might be indicative of a long and cold winter instead. However, the weather pattern looks like the latter part of this week will bring back our more typical August weather-70 and sunny!

#24 of 100 Days of Yellowstone-A soggy beginning to August

It has been raining in the Yellowstone region for most of the last 3 days. I cannot remember an August that has started out with this wet of a weather pattern. It looks (and feels) and little more like mid September right now. The weather always keeps you on your toes in Yellowstone, and plays a critical role in your fishing decisions every day. Trying to play the chess game of figuring out the best water to fish based on the that days weather is always one of the greatest challenges, but usually our weather is a bit more predictable this time of year. August is usually 80+ degrees, abundant sunshine, and maybe a stray afternoon thunderstorm. The velocity of the wind is usually the only variable to consider. But with all the moisture, cool days in the 50's and 60's, and lots of cloud cover, the factors are a little bit more considerable this past week. The forecast is for a few more days of this weather pattern, so once again todays decision is a bit more complex and a bit different than years past. 

#22 of 100 Days of Yellowstone-Last of the Evening Caddis

Only one day left in July, and the Madison's month of evening caddis is nearing the end. Every night, if conditions are right, hydropsyche caddis emerge from the riffles and rocks of the Madison river. The emergence of this prolific aquatic insect, provides some of the best dry fly fishing of the year on the Madison. A nice bonus to this activity is it often coincides with some classic Montana sunsets!